NA Deputy Speaker Urges Global Action for Cultural Heritage Protection at 6th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue

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Islamabad, Honorable Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan has said that legislative bodies have critical role in safeguarding and promoting cultural heritage. Legislatures enact robust legal frameworks that not only preserve cultural heritage but also address critical aspects such as conservation methodologies, adequate funding mechanisms, and stringent penalties for any acts of damage or destruction.He made these remarks in his address at the Sixth World Forum On Intercultural Dialogue in Baku, Azerbaijan, centered on the theme “The Role and Best Practices of the Legislature in the Protection of Cultural Heritage.” 

Opening his speech with heartfelt accolades to the organizers and the government of Azerbaijan for organizing successful event, the Deputy Speaker emphasized the profound significance of fostering mutual understanding among diverse cultures as a cornerstone in preserving our collective cultural heritage. 

The Deputy Speaker while highlighting the intrinsic value of cultural heritage, noted that the myriad threats faced by cultural heritage in today’s interconnected world require urgent need for proactive and concerted measures to ensure its protection and longevity. 

Furthermore, the Deputy Speaker emphasized the imperative of fostering collaborative partnerships with stakeholders from governmental agencies, cultural institutions, local communities, and international organizations. This collaborative ethos, he emphasized, is fundamental in developing comprehensive strategies that holistically address the multifaceted challenges facing cultural heritage preservation. 

Citing Pakistan’s rich tapestry of cultural heritage, ranging from ancient civilizations to vibrant regional cultures, the Deputy Speaker lauded the nation’s legislative strides interacting key legal frameworks such as the Antiquities Act of 1975, Pakistan Environmental Protection Act of 1997, and various provincial ordinances aimed at safeguarding heritage sites and regulating archaeological endeavors. 

In advocating for best practices, the Deputy Speaker called for the adoption of cutting-edge technologies for documentation, conservation, and promotion of cultural heritage, while also stressing the importance of inclusivity and diversity in these preservation efforts. 

Concluding his address with a resolute call to action, the Deputy Speaker urged increased financial allocations, sustainable development practices, and unwavering global collaboration as essential pillars in ensuring the continued preservation and promotion of cultural heritage as a unifying force that transcends generations.He added that the Parliament of Pakistan stands steadfast in its commitment to championing the cause of cultural heritage protection and calls upon the global community to join hands in this noble endeavor.