Delegation of International Investors led by Standard Chartered Bank meets Federal Minister for Finance & Revenue.

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Islamabad: A delegation of International Investors called on Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Senator Muhammad Aurangzeb to delve into the economic dynamics and investment prospects of Pakistan at Finance Division, today.

The meeting, organized by Standard Chartered Bank, was attended by Chief IR Ops. FBR Mr. Ijaz Hussain, Special Secretary Finance and other senior officers from Finance Division. Senior officials from the bank were also present in the meeting.

The Finance Minister welcomed the delegation and assured that the present government has taken all pragmatic measures to facilitate the business environment in Pakistan. During the session, he highlighted the macroeconomic stability in terms of reduced inflation and surge in stock market signaling burgeoning investor confidence.

Moreover, Senator Muhamad Aurangzeb shed light on the government’s tax initiatives, emphasizing the agenda to broaden the tax base and expedite the digitalization process of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). Privatization endeavors, commencing with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), were also delineated, with a commitment to extend privatization efforts to additional sectors in the near future.

The Minister for Finance and Revenue shared that Pakistan is gradually moving toward economic stability and it is high time to invest in Pakistan. He stressed upon the potential of IT and Agriculture sector in Pakistan and the need for local as well as international investment in these sectors to boost the country’s economy.

The delegation discussed the economic situation and outlook of the country with the Finance Minister. Investors held a comprehensive discussion with the Finance Minister regarding IMF program, upcoming budget targets, market perception and outlook, as well as the situation of foreign reserves.

Reaffirming the commitment to fostering economic growth, the Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue pledged to streamline processes, provide necessary incentives, and ensure a stable regulatory framework. Investors were encouraged to explore opportunities with confidence, as the government remains dedicated to facilitating their ventures and contributing to the nation’s prosperity.

In conclusion, the meeting underscored the collaborative efforts between Pakistan and international investors in fostering economic resilience and sustainable growth. The dialogue served as a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to fiscal prudence, investor-friendly policies, and inclusive economic development.