Dialogue Seems Impossible.

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Khawaja Hamza

Supreme court want all political party should sit together and sought out there issues, practically it is good but is it possible? I think it’s not possible, first reason, in current situation it is difficult for Nawaz Sharif to come Pakistan, mostly stakeholders don’t want to see him in Pakistan and leading the political campaigns, Nawaz also want the decision of the court should be reversed regarding his disqualification, Now the question is, who is creating hurdles in his way? First of all judiciary, some people from establishment, some people from PML-N and even Asif Ali Zardari don’t want him back in Pakistan, because if he comes back then it will be difficult for Bilawal Bhutto to become next PM in coming elections. Nawaz Sharif is not willing to hold any kind of dialogue with Imran Khan at any cost weather it brings any consequences to his brother Shehbaz, cabinet and PML-N politics. Nawaz Sharif targeting Imran Khan and achieving the interests through Molana Fazal ur Rahman PDM Chief, personally Molana also don’t want any kind of dialogue with Imran Khan, Nawaz think staying in this government is dangerous for PML-N, it will be good if PML-N is out from this government. Nawaz is not afraid, he say we will work hard and establish again but we will not submit to any decision taken by supreme court.
Asif Ali Zardari want dialogue and there is also a common friend between Imran Khan and Zardari and they think that issues should be settled down through a dialogue. All this game started by Asif Zardari, he convinced establishment and other people from different political parties only Nawaz Sharif and Molana Fazal ur Rahman is not convinced, Zardari also convinced that elections will be in September before the retirement of chief justice.
Nawaz Sharif will be convinced only on three conditions otherwise dialogue will be impossible, firstly Nawaz Sharif should be allowed to come Pakistan and the decision of supreme court regarding his disqualification should be reversed, secondly elections should be together on one date, Thirdly Imran Khan should face all his genuine cases and he should not be facilitated, if these conditions fulfilled then Nawaz and Fazal ur Rahman will be ready for dialogue otherwise it’s impossible. Imran Khan also have some conditions to sit with PDM, he want elections before retirement of chief justice, secondly he want all cases on him should be removed, government make many cases on him, he said government want me out of politics, thirdly he want election commissioner of his choice, caretaker government of his choice and thirdly he want permission to come back into the parliament so he can do his opposition, if these conditions are fulfilled then imran Khan is ready for dialogue.
Now the question is, if there is no outcome from the dialogue then what supreme court will do?
Supreme court has no other option except going into the early elections, but it will be really difficult for supreme court to make its orders implemented because national assembly will be intact, if court disqualified PM then new PM will be selected again, New PM will also not accept court orders, supreme court has limited options, ultimately all political parties will go for elections on 8 October, if issues will get settled down only then there will be elections, because tenure of the national assembly will be completed and it is said then there will be a national government which will come for three years and it will settle down the issues of the country, it is said national government will be suitable for all political parties in such circumstances at that time if situation get worst. It seems like dialogue will not be successful.