Interfaith Dialogue Urged by Religious Affairs Minister Aneeq Ahmed.

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Islamabad, An Important meeting held between the Federal Minister of Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed and French Ambassador Nicolas Gale, the pressing necessity for interfaith dialogue took center stage. Minister Aneeq Ahmed emphasized the critical need for understanding among different religious beliefs, asserting that the current global scenario doesn’t represent a clash of civilizations but a confrontation with ignorance.

The occasion saw the esteemed presence of French Ambassador Nicolas Gale, where both parties concurred on the urgency of collaborative efforts to combat extremism and promote inter-religious harmony within their respective societies. Minister Aneeq Ahmed took a firm stance, condemning the ongoing humanitarian crises in the Palestinian Territory, advocating for an immediate cessation of the atrocities and a lasting resolution to the conflict.

Expressing vehement disapproval, Minister Aneeq Ahmed highlighted the unprecedented and appalling targeting of innocent civilians, including children, in hospitals, refugee camps, schools, and places of worship. Such acts, deemed utterly uncivilized, demand swift global attention and intervention.

During the constructive discussions, a mutual consensus emerged on the imperative of providing respect, trust, and equitable facilities to minority populations worldwide. Ambassador Nicolas Gale stressed the pivotal role of education in fostering tolerance and love among the younger generation, transcending religious differences. Moreover, he commended the government’s and scholarly circles’ support for minorities post the tragic events of Jardanwala, acknowledging the clear stance against indifference to such atrocities.

This meeting not only underscored the urgency for interfaith dialogue but also emphasized the collective responsibility to curb extremism while nurturing an environment of understanding and tolerance among diverse religious communities globally. The shared commitment between the Religious Affairs Ministry and the French Embassy signifies a promising step toward fostering harmony amidst diverse beliefs, echoing the necessity for collective action on a global scale.