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Islamabad, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Naveed Ashraf said that Pakistan’s maritime zones have large deposits of natural resources which can enormously contribute to strengthen Pakistan’s economy. He addressed the participants of 25th National Security Workshop at Naval Headquarters, Islamabad.

Chief of the Naval Staff said that Pakistan Navy besides providing impregnable defence of Pakistan’s maritime frontiers also contributes towards development of maritime sector. However, in order to exploit full maritime potential of Pakistan, private sector needs to invest in maritime related industries and can enormously benefit from it. Naval Chief highlighted that we need to increase Pakistan’s flag carriers particularly in the private sector, which will save significant foreign exchange presently being paid to foreign shipping companies as freight charges. While highlighting the challenge of marine pollution, he said that it is a clear and present danger for Pakistan and needs to be addressed on urgent basis.

Earlier, the participants were briefed on Pakistan Navy challenges and responses including PN contributions towards development of Maritime Sector.

The workshop participants led by Director General Institute of Strategic Studies & Research Analysis (ISSRA) Major General Raza Aizad, comprised of parliamentarians, politicians, bureaucrats, armed forces officers as well as representatives from academia and business community. The participants highly appreciated PN efforts and proposed valuable suggestions to the Naval Chief.