Mumtaz Zahra Condemns Attack on Church in Faisalabad, Calls for Respect and Protection of Minorities.

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Islamabad, In a statement spokesperson ministry of foreign affairs Mumtaz Zahra said, Prime Minister of Pakistan has strongly condemned the reprehensible incident that took place in Faisalabad yesterday where churches were targeted and that hurt the sentiments of Christians across the country.

These acts are illegal and unconstitutional. As a country of law and constitution, Pakistan cannot accept such intolerant and violent acts.

Our law enforcement authorities took swift action yesterday. They have been instructed by the Prime Minister to apprehend the culprits and bring them to justice.

Individuals belonging to religious minorities are equal citizens of the state. As a multicultural and multifaith country, Pakistan is fully determined to protect and promote their constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms and to foster social harmony, tolerance and mutual respect.