Naveed Qamar invites British Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan.

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LONDON, Commerce Minister Naveed Qamar has invited British Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan to benefit from profitable business opportunities and business friendly environment in the country.

He was addressing a reception hosted by High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad khan at the Pakistan High Commission London.

The event brought together UK Parliamentarians, British Pakistani community, and business persons.

During his speech, Minister Qamar called upon the British Pakistanis to explore the diverse investment opportunities in Pakistan and highlighted the potential for lucrative profits.

He gave an overview of the favorable business environment in Pakistan, mentioning the presence of successful British companies operating in the country.

The Minister expressed his appreciation for the positive contributions of the Pakistani diaspora in the progress and development of Pakistan, as well as their instrumental role in fostering strong bilateral ties between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

Earlier, in his welcome remarks, High Commissioner Moazzam Ahmad Khan underscored the deep-rooted and longstanding relationship between Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

He regarded Minister Qamar’s visit as a testament to the enduring strength of this special bond between the two nations.

Highlighting the remarkable progress made in trade and investment, the High Commissioner shared that Pakistan’s exports to the UK had surpassed the historic milestone of $2 billion for the first time in history.

This outstanding achievement represents a remarkable increase of 197%.

The High Commissioner also expressed his admiration for the invaluable contributions of the British Pakistani community in supporting Pakistan and fostering friendly relations between the two countries.