NCB-INTERPOL, Islamabad-Pakistan Held a seminar on INTERPOL’s 100-year anniversary.

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Islamabad, The National Central Bureau (NCB) of INTERPOL in Islamabad-Pakistan arranged a one-day seminar on Wednesday, 31st May, 2023 in connection with INTERPOL’s Centenary upon completion of 100 years of its existence this year.

The seminar was chaired by Mohsin Hassan Butt (PSP), Director General/FIA as Head of NCB-Pakistan, ADGs and Directors of FIA attended the seminar. The seminar brought together representatives from various law enforcement agencies, including Provincial police forces, ANF, NAB, FBR-Customs, NACTA, Directorate General of Immigration & Passport and Assistant Superintendents of Police under training from National Police Academy also attended the seminar. Briefing was taken place about the achievements and challenges of international police cooperation in the past century and the future prospects for enhancing security and justice in a globalized world.

Deputy Head of NCB, Malik Sikandar Hayat (PSP), Nawaz-ul-Haq Nadeem, ex-ADG FIA, Tariq Nawaz Malik (PSP) ex-ADG FIA and Tariq Khosa (PSP) ex-DG FIA were the speakers. The speakers highlighted the role of NCB-Pakistan in fighting the crime nationally and internationally and making the world a safer place. Apart from achievements of INTERPOL, challenges ahead were also discussed. It was emphasized that all law enforcement agencies need to seek and extend international cooperation in order to enhance effectiveness of INTERPOL in fighting crimes.

The seminar also highlighted the role and contributions of NCB-INTERPOL, Islamabad-Pakistan in facilitating information exchange and operational support among the 195 member countries of INTERPOL, the world’s largest policing organization. DG/FIA concluded that completion of hundred years of Interpol is a historic milestone that deserves our outmost appreciation and admiration to all member countries especially to NCB Islamabad. It is testament to the tireless efforts to the countless of our staff members who have dedicated themselves to safe guard our societies. Let us take this opportunity to reflect on the remarkable achievement of Interpol, renew our commitment to International cooperation, and work together to build safer and more secure generations.

INTERPOL 100 year’s cake cutting ceremony was also held at the end of the seminar