Pakistan and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) finalise Free Trade Agreement.

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Islamabad, Pakistan and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) finalise Free Trade Agreement. Dr. Ejaz and Secretary General GCC sign the joint statement.

Pakistan and GCC concluded the final round of negotiations on the Pakistan-GCC FTA (PAK-GCC FTA) at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The final round was held from 26-28 September 2023 at the GCC Headquarters, Riyadh. This is a significant development as the FTA is the first by GCC with any country since 2009 and marks a milestone in both sides’ economic cooperation.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Gohar Ejaz said that Pakistan has excellent relations with all the countries of the GCC and this FTA will ensure that our economic ties are commensurate with these relations.

On the occasion of successful conclusion and finalization of the FTA negotiations, a joint statement was signed by Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Commerce and Industry, Dr. Gohar Ejaz and the Secretary General of GCC, H.E. Jasem Mohamed Albudaiwi. “Both Parties look forward to the expeditious signing, ratification, and implementation of the Agreement, which will mark a new chapter in the economic relations between our parties” the statement reads.

This will now be followed by internal administrative and approval process before signing and entry into force of the agreement.