Pan-Africanism Crucial in Addressing Contemporary Global Challenges, Affirms H.E. Ambassador Jemal Beker.

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Islamabad, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) to Islamic Republic of Pakistan, H.E. Jemal Beker Abdula on Thursday highlighted the imperative role of advancing Pan-Africanism as a strategic measure to confront the pressing global dilemmas unfolding in the contemporary time.

He stressed on the importance of Pan-Africanism during a meeting with Pakistan-based Ambassadors of all the African countries here at the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Embassy in Islamabad.
The discussion of African Envoys centered on amplifying Pan-Africanism’s influence to effectively tackle challenges including climate change, terrorism, migration, and the complexities of the global economy.
During the gathering, H.E. Ambassador Jemal Beker Abdula underscored the importance of promoting Africa’s collective interests on the international stage through a cohesive embrace of pan-African principles.

Notably, Ambassador Jemal Beker said the Pretoria Agreement, inked on November 02, 2022, between the FDRE Government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front to end the conflict in Ethiopia’s northern parts, stood as a vivid manifestation of the advancement of Pan-Africanism.

The ambassador eloquently narrated the beginning and successful execution of the agreement, characterized by a resolute commitment to “Africa Solutions to African Problems.”

While extending his heartfelt gratitude, H.E. Ambassador Jemal Beker expressed appreciation to the collaborative efforts of fellow African nations and international partners that contributed to the realization of the Pretoria Agreement.

This accord, instrumental in upholding Ethiopia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and constitutional order, facilitated unimpeded humanitarian access to conflict-affected areas.

The ambassador further informed the envoys of the subsequent restoration of essential services and the establishment of an interim governance structure in Ethiopia’s northern regions in accordance with the agreement.
Drawing attention to the comprehensive approach taken by the FDRE Government, H.E. Ambassador Jemal Beker said a Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission had been set up essential to train the former servicemen, enabling their holistic capacity development and integration into civilian life.

Asserting Ethiopia’s steadfast belief in dialogue as the sole viable solution to conflicts, Ambassador Beker highlighted the FDRE Government’s collaborative endeavors with United Nations bodies to safeguard the human rights of all its citizens.

The commitment of the FDRE Government to these principles remains unwavering, fortified by the understanding that sustainable resolutions can only be achieved through peaceful dialogue, engagement and international cooperation.

On the other hand, the ambassador said the FDRE Government had announced State of Emergency in Amhara region to ensure rule of law and maintain law and order by containing illegally armed groups that disrupted the activities of democratically elected regional government and violet citizens rights.

He said the FDRE Government opened to dialogue and had been engaging the entire stakeholders in this regard since it fully believed in resolving the issues through peaceful dialogue and negotiation and that is why the government beliefs that National Dialogue is the silver bullet to sustainable peace and prosperity.

Dean of African Missions in Islamabad and Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, H.E. Mohamed Karmoune also spoke on the occasion and lauded the unity of African countries for resolving the issues of continent as well as the world. Moreover, he lauded the Ethiopian Government for signing the Pretoria Agreement and implementation in a good faith that ensured peace in the northern parts of Ethiopia.

The Ambassador also stressed on taking measures to promote Pan-Africanism for ensuring socio-economic development of the entire Africa.

Similarly, all other African countries Head of Missions spoke on the occasion and expressed their commitment to advance the solidarity and unity of African Continent and determined to work closely together to promote the mutual interests.