Parliamentary Delegation from Rwanda Meets with Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani to Enhance Bilateral Relations.

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Islamabad, A distinguished parliamentary delegation, led by the President of the Rwandan Senate, Dr Kalinda Francois Xavier, held a meeting with Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, at Parliament House.

The meeting, which took place in a spirit of friendship and cooperation, focused on a range of significant topics.

The discussions at the meeting centred around various issues of mutual interest, underlining the commitment of both nations to strengthen bilateral relations and parliamentary ties. Emphasis was laid on the further expansion of bilateral trade as part of Pakistan’s “Look Africa” policy, which opens up exciting possibilities for trade and cooperation between the two nations.

Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani warmly welcomed the Rwandan delegation and expressed Pakistan’s strong dedication to nurturing its bilateral relationship with Rwanda. He stated, “Pakistan attaches great importance to its bilateral relations with Rwanda, and we are pleased to witness the development of pleasant relations between our two countries.”

Chairman Senate also reiterated Pakistan’s intent to establish friendly and productive relations with its African brothers, recognizing the enduring patience and unity demonstrated by African nations in resolving their disputes.
Furthermore, Chairman Senate highlighted the immense potential for cooperation in vital sectors such as agriculture, food security, and human resource development, all of which can be harnessed for mutual benefit.

In the pursuit of bolstering trade and investment, Chairman Senate stressed the need for fostering closer relations between businessmen from both countries. The meeting underscored the importance of parliamentary contacts, diplomacy, and the exchange of delegations to further strengthen bilateral relations.

Pakistan’s commitment to Africa was also outlined, with Chairman Senate mentioning a special strategy for support and coordination with African countries. He emphasized the “Look Africa” policy as a beacon for opening new avenues of cooperation, fostering better relations, and promoting trade cooperation.

During the meeting, Sanjrani underlined that Pakistan has taken a significant step to strengthen its relations by establishing embassy in Rwanda, marking a historic milestone in the diplomatic ties between the two nations. He hoped that Rwanda will also establish its embassy in Pakistan, facilitating opportunities for businessmen, investors, and people of both countries.” He emphasized the role of parliaments in regional peace and development, affirming that “Parliaments have a heavy responsibility for peace and development in the region.”

The meeting further saw Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani advocating for peace and harmony through parliamentary diplomacy. He stressed the importance of collective efforts in removing obstacles to development and promoting regional peace, stating, “We have to step up collective efforts to remove obstacles and promote regional peace and harmony using parliamentary diplomacy.”

The issue of Palestine was discussed in detail, and Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani expressed strong sentiments, emphasizing that “No human being in the world can remain silent on the atrocities and human rights violations that are happening in Palestine.” He emphasized the universal nature of the issue, noting, “The cruelty and brutality going on in Palestine is not related to any religion; it is cruelty to humanity.”

The Chairman Senate called on the United Nations to take concrete steps towards lasting solutions for the Palestinian and Kashmir issues. He asserted, “It is impossible to establish peace in the world without solving the problems of Palestine and Kashmir.”
Chairman Senate also emphasized the importance of the Kashmir issue, stating, “Occupied Kashmir issue is a core issue of Pakistan,” and called for a resolution in line with UN resolutions. He advocated for the right to self-determination for Kashmiris.

Furthermore, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani urged the United Nations to adopt a common plan of action for immediate solutions to these problems. He expressed the belief that negotiations are the solution to the problems and urged the UN to facilitate negotiations for resolving the issues.

In a show of Pakistan’s commitment to international cooperation and diplomacy, Chairman Senate noted, “Wherever there is a problem of humanity in the world, Pakistan definitely raises its voice.” He also highlighted the efforts of Pakistan’s Institute of Parliamentary Services in organizing effective training programs for parliamentarians worldwide and extended an offer to provide training programs for Rwandan parliamentarians. Additionally, Chairman Senate announced the allocation of six scholarships for engineering and medical students from Rwanda, emphasizing the global recognition of Pakistan’s education in these fields.

Sadiq Sanjrani further reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening relations with African countries, suggesting that trade and investment could be promoted through the exchange of delegations in the business and investment sectors.

Dr. Kalinda Fran├žois Xavier, who led the Rwandan delegation, expressed gratitude to Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani for the warm welcome and hospitality in Pakistan. He recognized Pakistan’s significance in the region and expressed readiness to cooperate in trade, investment, and other areas.

President of the Rwandan Senate, Dr. Kalinda Fran├žois Xavier, emphasized the importance of institutional cooperation and highlighted the growing relations between Pakistan and Rwanda.

Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani concluded the meeting by stating, “Today, a new chapter of friendship between Pakistan and Rwanda is opening. The Government of Pakistan and the Senate of Pakistan are ready to have all kinds of good relations, cooperation, and working together.”

The event was attended by Senators Dilawar Khan, Naseema Ehsan, Zeeshan Khanzada, Fida Muhammad, Bahrmand Khan Tangi, and Secretary Senate Muhammad Qasim Samad Khan.

Following the meeting, the Rwandan delegation visited the Senate Museum, where they received a detailed briefing on the Upper House’s procedures and business. The President of the Rwandan Senate also recorded his comments in the guest book.