President condemns blatant day-time attack on ex-PM, Mr Imran Khan.

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Islamabad, President Dr Arif Alvi has said that the blatant day-time attack on Mr Imran Khan, ex-Prime Minister and Chairman of one of the largest political parties of Pakistan, is highly alarming, worrying and condemnable act.

“I am praying for the safety, security and health of Mr Imran Khan and for all others who have been injured according to initial reports”, he said.

The President expressed the concern that such flagrant incidents would further aggravate the existing political polarization and would harm the country.

He called upon the security agencies to provide foolproof security to Mr Imran Khan, his party members, and participants of the long march who were exercising their constitutional and lawful right to take part in political activities to pursue their legitimate objectives.

The President further called upon the Government to investigate this criminal act fairly and judiciously to bring the unscrupulous elements to justice and provide relief to those who have been affected by the ignoble criminal act.

“I also call upon the Government to set in place a foolproof system for security and safety of the participants of the long march to enable them to pursue their constitutional right in full security”, he added.