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Islamabad, The Sino-Pak joint annual air exercise Shaheen-X has commenced in the Jiuquan and Yinchuan cities of Northwest China. PAF’s lead fighter aircraft J-10 C and JF-17 are participating in the exercise along with air and ground crew.

People’s Liberation Army Air Force and Pakistan Air Force have been conducting Shaheen joint exercises since 2011 which are being hosted by both countries on an alternate basis. Shaheen exercise aims to enhance the aerial combat practices, operational readiness, promoting interoperability and creating synergy amongst the participating strategic & time-tested allies in the region. Moreover, incorporation of features like hybrid warfare, cyberspace and computing in this air exercise would augment Pakistan Air Force’s effectiveness in the dynamic and evolving landscape of modern warfare. The exercise would leverage the iron-brother countries to develop a comprehensive defence strategy to further consolidate their capacity of safeguarding their aerial boundaries in the face of shared challenges.

The tenth joint aerial exercise between the venerable People’s Liberation Army Air Force and Pakistan Air Force heralds a remarkable endeavour to strengthen the bonds of camaraderie and unity between the Air Forces of both the countries. The exercise is all set to elevate the caliber of practical combat training for participating adroit pilots and valiant personnel. Through such joint ventures, PAF reaffirms its unwavering commitment to foster regional harmony,  international security and perpetual advancement in its own prowess.