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Ali Basit

In recent times, India has intensified its efforts to tarnish Pakistan’s image on the global stage by propagating a series of false narratives and concocted incidents. Under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, the Indian government has embarked on a designed campaign of disinformation aimed at vilifying Pakistan and manipulating public opinion for political gain. Three recent incidents serve as stark examples of India’s nefarious agenda, where it has brazenly labeled Pakistan as a perpetrator without substantial evidence.

India’s recent announcement of rediscovering the Ghazi submarine wreckage marks a recurrence of a previous claim. In 2003, India had made a similar proclamation of discovering the same wreckage. The timing of this recent revelation coinciding with election season, raises suspicions about its authenticity and motives behind.

In a purported crackdown on narco-terrorism, Indian authorities intercepted an Iranian fishing boat carrying a substantial quantity of drugs, with all five crew members identified as Pakistani nationals, accusing Pakistan of fueling drug trade to destabilize India. Yet, a closer examination reveals a lack of concrete evidence linking the detained individuals to any organized drug syndicate or state-sponsored terrorism, raising doubts about the veracity of India’s claims. Upon investigating the matter, it has been learnt that intelligence report about the suspicious fishing boat was provided to both Indian and Pakistan Navy. The boat was actually operating in international waters near Omani coast and was heading south. The Indian Navy captured the boat and towed it from the western area of North Arabian Sea till the coast of Gujarat. Later on, information was released to the media that the boat was intercepted off the coast of Gujarat and the crew, having no identity proof was linked to Pakistan. This event is clearly orchestrated and indicates the negative intent of Modi Government against Pakistan.

India’s interception of a Pakistan-bound ship from China at Mumbai’s Nhava Sheva port under the suspicion of containing dual-use consignments intended for Islamabad’s nuclear and ballistic missile program is the latest episode in its disinformation campaign. Modi’s administration wasted no time in implicating Pakistan, portraying it as a proliferater of weapons of mass destruction and a threat to regional stability. However, in response to media questions regarding Indian seizure of commercial equipment destined for Pakistan, the Spokesperson made the following statement: “These reports are reflective of Indian media’s habitual misrepresentation of facts. This is a simple case of import of a commercial lathe machine by a Karachi based commercial entity which supplies parts to the automobile industry in Pakistan. Specifications of the equipment clearly indicate its purely commercial use. The transaction was being conducted through transparent banking channels with all the relevant documentation. The relevant private entities are pursuing the matter against this unjustified seizure.

Collectively,these interconnected events lay bare the insidious nature of Modi’s disinformation campaign. By exploiting historical grievances and fabricating threats, the Indian government seeks to consolidate domestic support and deflect attention from pressing issues. However, the lack of substantial evidence and the dubious timing of these incidents reveal a calculated attempt to manipulate public sentiment for electoral gains.