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Islamabad, BJP repeating its past practice of gaining political mileage ahead of upcoming elections is trying to create a “false” casus belli to regain lost popularity.

• After facing a defeat in states of Rajasthan, ,Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Jharkand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Karnatka, they are trying to capitalise on anti-Pakistan sentiments of general populace to gain landslide victory in upcoming election.

• Accusing Pakistan of harbouring terrorists and supporting extremist elements in India, Modi’s tested scheme to win elections is once again on public display. 

• According to Indian media reports, on September 16, multiple officers and soldiers of the Indian forces were killed in an encounter with terrorists in the Uri sector, resulting in a dozen casualties.

• Similar reports of Indian forces operation came from Anantnag on September 12, where as per their narrative, 1x Lieutenant colonel, 1x major and 1x DSP were killed.

• The evidence on ground is contrary to what is claimed by Indian Media’s war mongering hysteria. Video messages of inhabitants living close to LOC reported a complete calm and denied any happenings of sort reported by Indian Media on the behest of Modi Sarkar.

• Today, BJP biased Zee TV aired a Modi’s address of 4 March 2019 as “live” to add colour to this political rhetoric for gaining a favourable poll opinion for BJP.

The images of the area are clearly reflective of usual activity where local shepherds are seen with their hoards. Such activity is out of question in an area where Indian Forces are engaged in so called “fierced encounter”.

• The “False Flag” operation is a theatrical drama staged by India to achieve multiple objectives, including diverting global attention from human rights violations in occupied Kashmir by blaming Pakistan for terrorism.

• In anticipation of Indian elections, the Modi government has initiated a campaign to demonize its own citizens and military officers.

• It is evident from multiple pieces of evidence and witnesses that India wants to recreate the Pulwama drama to achieve reprehensible political goals once again.

• Global media reports and audio-video evidence also confirm that Indian forces are spreading terrorism along the Line of Control to achieve political ambitions, using false encounters and fake news to fuel a war frenzy, which is Modi’s old tactic.

• There is also evidence from the Indian media that the Modi government is trying to disrupt the ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control.

• In the face of growing chaos in Rajouri and Anantnag, India is resorting to baseless allegations against Pakistan to deflect media and public scrutiny of its problems.
• Just a few days ago, the killing of five Indian soldiers in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri sector was a failed attempt by Modi to play politics with his own soldiers’ blood.

• India’s aim remains to divert attention from its internal issues by continuously violating the ceasefire, ensuring a state of war on the Line of Control.

• The sole purpose of this entire drama is to create a pretext to break the ceasefire and escalate hostilities against Pakistan, to cover up its internal failures, distract the public and set the stage for victory in next elections.

• Ex Governor of IIOJ&K Satya Pal Sharma is on record in highlighting a venture similar to Pulwama by BJP government for vested political mileage.