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Islamabad, Pakistan Air Force is carrying out two large scale flying exercises from two different locations across the globe, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to enhancing its aerial prowess and strengthening international cooperation. The participation includes PAF’s J-10 C and JF-17 lead fighter aircraft, Combat Pilots, Air Defence Controllers, and technical ground crew, who are actively engaged in the Shaheen-X bilateral Air Exercise hosted by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force in China, as well as the Bright Star Air Exercise held in Egypt. The successful induction and operationalization of the J-10C fighter jets in PAF’s fighter fleet and their participation in an international exercise in an unprecedented short span of time is a remarkable achievement. The feat has been achieved in lines with modernization plan of Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force, premised on smart inductions and focused indegenization. The participation of these fighter jets in Exercise Shaheen-X marks a significant milestone in PAF’s journey towards a technologically advanced and formidable air force. The rapid acquisition and operationalization of these advanced aircraft showcases PAF’s dedication to maintaining a cutting-edge force, capable of meeting evolving challenges and defending Pakistan’s airspace with utmost proficiency.

As the Sino-Pak Joint Annual Air Exercise Shaheen-X is in full swing in in the Jiuquan and Yinchuan cities of Northwest China, the exceptional event highlights the dedication and capabilities of the Pakistan Air Force, demonstrating its commitment to fostering mutual learning and collaboration with allied countries. The Shaheen-X exercise in China and the Bright Star Air Exercise in Egypt provide invaluable opportunities for PAF to build upon its operational experience and exchange knowledge with esteemed counterparts from around the world.

During his visit at the Shaheen-X exercise, Air Marshal Abdul Moeed Khan, Deputy Chief of Air Staff Air Defence, Pakistan Air Force, expressed his admiration for the enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by the PAF contingent participating in the air exercise. He emphasized the significance of these exercises in achieving common objectives while addressing the evolving dynamics of air warfare in the face of shared security challenges. Deputy Chief of Air Staff Air Defence commended the People’s Liberation Army Air Force on the successful execution of the exercise while further strengthening the existing partnership between the key allies and bolstering interoperability amongst the two Air Forces.

The simultaneous participation of Pakistan Air Force in both Shaheen-X and Bright Star Air Exercises underscores the PAF’s commitment to excellence, professionalism and the continuous pursuit of enhancing its capabilities. These exercises serve as a platform to foster greater understanding, cooperation, and friendship between Pakistan and its international partners, contributing to regional stability and security. Pakistan Air Force remains dedicated to its mission of safeguarding the skies, strengthening international alliances, and promoting peace through mutual cooperation.