Climate Change,The Most Important Issue.

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Mehreen Majeed

One of the most important issues in the world faces today is Climate Change, Pakistan is worst affected by the changing patterns of climate and forecasts are crucial in the development of policies, resource management, economic activity, and technological advancement in this period of rapid climate change. There are effects of climate change on the water resources, agriculture, energy, economic, health, industrial, and private sectors, information about changes in climate change and variability is required. Numerous interaction changes to the physical mechanisms responsible for the dynamics of the climate system are being brought about by global warming. These changes might sometimes be mistaken for the occurrence of rare, extreme catastrophes that cause irreparable damage to the environment. Due to its unique geographical and climatic characteristics, Pakistan is one of the nations most susceptible to the effects of climatic change. Despite being near the Arabian Sea, Pakistan’s south is made up of hyper-deserts while the north is home to more than 5000 glaciers. As winter and summer precipitation predominate in the northern half, temperature gradients and precipitation are the opposite of one another. The Indus Delta is a very dangerous area for the sustainable production of crops due to the interaction between upstream and downstream processes under conditions of increasing frequency and intensity of catastrophic hydrological events. However, Pakistan needs to pay total attention to trends of climate change.