Federal Minister inaugurates new block of Institute of Energy & Environmental Engineering.

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ISLAMABAD, Federal Minister for Planning, Prof Ahsan Iqbal Tuesday inaugurated the new building of the Institute of Energy and Environmental Engineering at Punjab University.

During his address to the youth, the Minister emphasized that Pakistan is currently at a critical crossroads, and the nation needs the dedication and seriousness of its youth and teachers, said a press release issued here.

The minister highlighted the success of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), attracting $29 billion in foreign investment and transforming Pakistan’s image as an investment destination. Several ambassadors from countries like the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, and France showed interest in investing their countries’ companies in the special economic zones of CPEC.

He also discussed the power of social media and its influence on people’s minds. Minister Iqbal warned about the potential misuse of digital media and advised the youth to be cautious about its influence.
He mentioned the movie “The Great Hack” on Netflix, which explores the impact of social media on people’s behavior and its use for manipulation.

The minister expressed concern over the spread of hate and prejudice through social media platforms. He shared a personal incident where he survived an assassination attempt, highlighting the power of hatred that can manifest in the form of violence.
Regarding the economic situation, the minister discussed the challenges faced by the government due to the high expenditures and the need to borrow funds.

He emphasized the need for Pakistan to shift towards an export-led growth model and encourage entrepreneurship and exports among the youth.

Minister Iqbal also highlighted the importance of embracing the digital revolution and equipping students with the skills required for the changing job market, emphasizing the need for continuous learning.

In conclusion, Minister Ahsan Iqbal called for a change in mindset and lifestyle to overcome the economic challenges and ensure a prosperous future for Pakistan.
He urged the youth to embrace the opportunities presented by the digital revolution and strive for excellence in their education and professional endeavors.