Imran confesses his assassination plot allegation was baseless, unfounded: Rana Sana

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ISLAMABAD, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Tuesday said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman had confessed during investigations that the allegation he had leveled against the prime minister and him for planning his murder were baseless and unfounded.

Addressing a press conference, he said when the PTI chief was asked about the basis of his accusations, he simply stated,”I was informed by someone,” without nominating anyone.

Similarly, the minister added, the PTI leader also admitted that the derogatory comments about the armed forces and the army chief were baseless.

All the confessions he had made in the written statement, clearly showed that no one could match him in propagating lies and unfounded accusations, he added.

Rana Sana further said the PTI leader misled the public about the concocted plot for his assassination and brainwashed the youth in that regard. The rioting and vandalizing witnessed by the nation on May 9 was the outcome of the so-called Tiger Force of one million people raised by the “Dar of Sialkot” on the behest of his leader, he added.

He said public resources were ruthlessly used for the Tiger Force, and even funds allocated for combating the coronavirus were also spent for the purpose, and details regarding that would be made public soon.

It established that the PTI chief was preparing to forcibly take control of the country, he added.

The minister elaborated that on May 9, the PTI leader launched his nefarious operation with the help of the Tiger Force he had trained by spending billions of rupees while in power.

Planning in that regard had been made in advance, as evident from the slogans like “we want real freedom” and “Imran is our red line” being chanted months before his (PTI chief’s) arrest, he added.

As regards the protest demonstrations announced by the PTI against the party leader’s arrest, the minister clarified that there was no protest, rather vandalism and rioting. “They targeted military installations and disrespected the memorials of martyrs, who are a source of pride for the nation. However, contrary to the PTI chief’s expectations, the entire nation stands behind the army and the martyrs,” he added.

The minister said the police were instructed not to use firearms. The policemen tried their best to disperse the rioters, but they could not control the situation with batons, and even some officers were severely injured in the process, he added.

“The law is taking its course against these miscreants. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has been formed, and the process to identify the responsible of May 9 rioting and bring them to justice is underway,” he added.

Strong evidence was available against the PTI leaders, proving their connection to the riots, and they would have to face the consequences, he added.

He reaffirmed that those found involved in the May 9 mayhem, would not be spared, however, no innocent person would be punished.

The minister also accused PTI of damaging Pakistan’s international image and engaging in international conspiracies with the help of Israel and other external forces.

Earlier, he said, they had conceived a mischievous plan of attack on a PTI leader’s house, besides creating a hype of “ill-treatment of PTI women prisoners in jails”. But they could not get materialized their malicious agenda, thanks to the intelligence agencies, which had exposed their designs, he added.

“All the female prisoners are being treated with dignity and respect, as they are like sisters and mothers to us,” the minister said

Rana Sana said had the “Fitnah” (miscreant) not been identified, it would have caused even more damage to the country. “The people now know his true colours.”