Journalism at the heart of making a climate impact’ says the British High Commission.

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Islamabad, Over 100 journalists from 35 media outlets and research organizations participated in a practical training from the British High Commission on climate journalism.

Journalists gained in-depth knowledge on complex climate change and nature protection issues, discussed how journalism is at the frontlines of climate change, explored how to find real climate stories on the ground and practised telling climate stories. They discussed challenges that can exist around climate journalism, how to centre women and girls in climate stories, and made commitments to tell climate stories in future.

The journalists reflected on the importance of finding and telling stories of community action related to climate change going out to the field in search of climate stories. They discussed how climate journalism can both help people to understand the impact climate change has on them, and inspire them to take action.

Speaking on the occasion, British High Commission Development Director Jo Moir said:

We’re delighted to bring together journalists to discuss the critical issue of climate change and biodiversity loss. Journalists play a pivotal role in helping Pakistani people understand how climate change affects them. They can singlehandedly change perceptions and inspire change.

Chief Guest at the event, Seemi Ezdi former Chairperson of the upper house committee on climate change said:

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. We can either be the generation that let it happen, or the one that took bold steps to stop it. Climate change is not just a distant threat, but a present reality demanding urgent action.