Kamal Nama” Unveiled: CISS AJK Hosts Grand Book Launch Ceremony in Muzaffarabad.

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Muzaffarabad, The Centre for International Strategic Studies AJK was thrilled to announce the launch of “Kamal Nama,” a groundbreaking book authored by the late Ambassador Arif Kamal and translated by Mujahid Eshai. The highly anticipated event took place at CISS AJK, King Abdullah Campus, UAJ&K, Chattar Kalas on January 3rd, 2024, at 11:00 AM.

The Launch Ceremony of “Kamal Nama,” organized by the Centre for International Strategic Studies AJK, was a momentous occasion that brought together scholars and literature enthusiasts alike. The event was moderated by Abdul Rehman, Associate Research Officer at CISS AJK. The honored guest for the event was the esteemed parliamentarian and opposition leader of AJK assembly Khawaja Farooq Ahmad, whose participation lent an eminent ambiance to the ceremony.

Mrs. Surya Kamal, representing her late husband Ambassador Arif Kamal, shared their journey of crafting “Kamal Nama” and detailed the collaborative effort to have it translated into Urdu by Mujahid Eshai, adding a personal touch to the poignant narrative. Her heartfelt insights illuminated the dedication behind the book, and her presence added a touching dimension to the launch ceremony, symbolizing the enduring spirit of Ambassador Arif Kamal in the realization of “Kamal Nama.”

“Kamal Nama” delved into Ambassador Kamal’s recollection of his personal and professional journey, enlisting his experiences as a diplomat during significant historical events and shedding light on different eras of his life. The narrative, crafted by the late Ambassador Arif Kamal, was further enriched by Mujahid Eshai’s masterful translation, making it accessible to a wider audience.

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