Pakistan appealed to all stakeholders for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza; Mumtaz

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Islamabad, In an interview, Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said, Pakistan is not an ally of any country. Rather, it is an independent and sovereign country that has strategic relations with many countries. Pakistan’s historic stand on the Palestine issue is established by the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistan also has a clear position on the Kashmir issue, which is to provide the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris who have been struggling for independence for 7 decades under the UN agreements.

Pakistan wants strict implementation of Security Council resolutions and strongly condemns India’s illegal move to abrogate Article 370. Pakistan has always raised its voice for the Palestine issue on platforms like UN Security Council and OIC. Pakistan calls upon all stakeholders to play a role for a lasting solution to the Palestinian issue and peace and order in the region.

Pakistan has appealed to all stakeholders to take steps for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Pakistan has also demanded an end to the Israeli siege around Gaza and to open a corridor for the delivery of relief goods on an emergency basis.

Mumtaz further said that persons residing illegally in Pakistan will be prosecuted after November 1 – however, registered refugees are exempted from this action. Pakistan’s biggest concern is the terrorists in Afghanistan who are involved in attacks in Pakistan. There is solid evidence against these elements and Pakistan cannot accept to allow such elements to roam freely.