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Islamabad, Caretaker Federal Minister for Communications, Railways and Maritime Affairs Shahid Ashraf Tarar has said that measures are being taken for economic stability. Efforts are also being made to attract local and foreign investments. On the proposal of establishing tunnel at Wah Khan Corridor, he expressed that it will connect Pakistan with Central Asia and attract large-scale trade that will change the fortune of our country. He visited FPCCI Capital Office, Islamabad and he was also accompanied by the Customs Collector Asif Hargan.

The Minister further said that steps are also being taken to improve the performance of Commercial Consulars in Pakistani missions abroad. Federal Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarde said that the caretaker government is working on the IT sector, which have great potential to provide opportunities to a large number of youths to work and earn.

In order to save the time of people of KP, it was proposed that a separate connectivity on motorway may be constructed for KP people to enable them direct access to Islamabad airport, the Federal Minister assured that this proposal is under consideration of his ministry. The views were exchanged by Vice President FPCCI and Chairman Capital Office Aminullah Baig, Vice President FPCCI Umar Masoodur Rehman.

On this occasion, Convener FPCCI Capital Office Syed Asad Haider Mashhadi, Former Vice President FPCCI Sohail Altaf, Founder President Haripur Chamber Safdar Zaman Shah, President Rawalpindi Chamber Saqib Rafiq along with members of Haripur Chamber Aun Ali Syed, Saqib Imran and others. were present.

Speaking on the occasion, FPCCI Vice President and Chairman Capital Office Aminullah Baig and Vice President Umar Masoodur Rahman thanked Federal Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarar for visiting FPCCI Capital Office and expressed their gratitude to have competent and hardworking people in the caretaker setup who understands that Pakistan is rich in resources but the problem is lack of good governance and quality management.

He said that Pakistan has close relations with Central Asia, but the political and security situation in Afghanistan we do not get access to Central Asia countries from Afghanistan.

Aminullah Baig and Umar Masud ur Rahman further said that the Wah Khan Corridor, which is a connecting point between Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan. They said that the proposed tunnel would be of about 11 kilometers in distance with Central Asia. The Russian businessmen also said several times that a tunnel should be built to restore communication, but unfortunately it could not be heeded. It is a golden opportunity to reach to Central Asia through link route as there is no other option in current scenario. This road will change the fortunes of Pakistan as it is a large area and it will lead to massive trade.

Syed Asad Mashhadi, Sohail Altaf, Safdar Zaman Shah, Aun Ali Syed and other participants said that the exporters and importers in the world are fully supported by their embassies. The Pakistani traders should also have an online direct access in all Pakistani missions abroad to resolve their problems. Hence, the performance of our commercial counsellors will be evaluated by the government.

The Federal Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarr assured that he will raise all the problems faced by the business community in the federal cabinet and at every forum. The government is improving everything and a monitoring system is being introduced.

Federal Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarde also emphasized that blue economy can work as economic development, employment opportunities and technological innovation. He said that the caretaker government is taking steps for economic stability. A lot of work is being done to bring investment. He said that our relationship with the business community has always been there. Any problems related to import, export, transportation, railway, shipping, communication, he is always available for full support and cooperation in my ministries.