Russian Senator Vladimir A. Chizhov along with the delegation hold a Meeting with Senator Mushahid Hussain.

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Islamabad, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defense hosted Senator Vladmir Chizhov, along with his team; including Russian Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E Albert P. Khorev, Mr. Igor Borisov, Member election commission of the Russian Federation and other officials of the Russian Embassy here at Parliament House on Wednesday.

In a warm exchange, Senator Mushahid expressed appreciation for Senator Chizhov’s gesture in coming to Pakistan as the international observer for the General Election 2024. Senator Chizhov presented a letter for Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani from the speakers of both houses of the Russian Federation, conveying their best regards for the Chairman.

Senator Mushahid briefed the delegation on the upcoming election in Pakistan, emphasizing the vibrant democracy in the country. He highlighted the strength of democratic ethos in the people of Pakistan and discussed election systems, drawing parallels between those of the US and Russia.

The desire for strong ties between Pakistan and Russia was reiterated, with discussions on prevailing conflicts globally, emphasizing the need to resolve regional confrontations for peace. The Senator expressed Pakistan’s deep appreciation for its growing relations with the Russian Federation and highlighted the positive momentum through frequent high-level exchanges.

Bilateral Political Relations and the upcoming election were a focal point of discussion during the meeting, with Senator Sayed emphasizing that the friendship between Pakistan and Russia stands on its own, unaffected by geopolitical contingencies. Both Senators expressed a commitment to forging a long-term, multidimensional partnership, particularly in the fields of food security, energy, defense, and people-to-people contacts.

Trade and Economic Relations were also addressed, with Senator Sayed noting the enormous potential for expansion and growth in areas such as trade, energy, connectivity, industry, finance, and IT.

Senator Mushahid underscored that connectivity emerged as a crucial aspect, with Pakistan expressing interest in joining the North-South Transport Corridor, as invited by President Putin in his State of the Union address.

Cooperation at the Multilateral Fora, including the desire for Pakistan to join BRICS and cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), was discussed. Both emphasized their commitment to regional multilateralism and the importance of overcoming obstacles within the SCO space.

The ongoing Ukraine Conflict was also acknowledged, with Pakistan reiterating its neutral position and expressing confidence in Russia’s diplomatic traditions to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Since the start of the Ukraine Conflict in February 2022, Pakistan has emphasized neutral positions and has repeatedly refused to vote on anti-Russian resolutions in the UN General Assembly and other UN fora.

Both Senators acknowledged the commonality of interests between the two countries, identifying numerous opportunities for expanding their relationship. Senator Mushahid appreciated Russia’s stance on Gaza and Islamophobia, highlighting the respect for all religions.

In the concluding remarks, Mr. Igor Borisov, Member of the Election Commission of the Russian Federation, briefed on the electoral system in Russia. He welcomed Senator Mushahid’s views and appreciated Pakistan’s staunch support for state sovereignty. Borisov emphasized the crucial role of elections in international sovereignty.

Both Senators agreed to work closely, reiterating their commitment to strengthen bilateral ties for the mutual benefit of their peoples and contribute to regional security and global stability.