Syria: A living history

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Naimal Iqbal

International Exhibition of the Syrian Arab Republic for the year 2024: “The Window of the Syrian Economy to the World”

An exclusive portal for the international community, manufacturers, businessmen and industrialists to promote their business through the ongoing prominent exhibitions held in Syria this year.

The wonderful exhibitions that are held every year in Syria and trade fairs have a significant impact on the Syrian economy and are a source of activity and vitality.

Exhibitions play an important role in
contributing to developing infrastructure, stimulating small and medium enterprises, attracting foreign investments, and improving the agricultural and tourism sectors. The Damascus International Fair also has a rich history, making it an important annual trade event.

The first exhibition was launched in September 1954 and lasted for a month. Since then it has generated publicity, attracted more than 1,000,000 visitors and included participation from 26 countries.

Syrian industrial and commercial institutions also displayed their products.

The exhibition covered an impressive exhibition area of 250,000 square meters. In 2017, the Damascus International Fair achieved good returns for its 59th edition, hosted in the newly constructed exhibition grounds, extending to more than 1.2 million square metres. The exhibition ground, which is located on the highway between Damascus and the international airport, is by modern international standards and is one of the largest exhibition grounds worldwide.

For now, the exhibition continues to serve as “the Syrian economy’s window to the world,” showcasing Syrian industries and international trade, even amid difficult circumstances. Its legacy as the oldest fair in the Middle East is still great, and the Damascus International Fair will be held next summer of this year.

In addition, the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic in Islamabad, Dr. Ramez Al-Rai, shared some ideas about the vibrant
exhibitions that will be held in Syria during the current year 2024. He explained that the great international exhibition includes a group of the most important international exhibitions that constitute a channel for learning about Syrian industries in various fields. The fields allow our Pakistani brothers and friends, including businessmen and industrialists all over the world, to explore these international exhibitions and actively participate in them to advance economic and trade relations between the Syrian Arab Republic and the friendly Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We look forward to participating in these international exhibitions that will be held in Syria during this year.

The exhibition aims to change the narrative by showcasing 5,000 years of art spanning the country’s diverse cultures. The exhibition relied on Syria’s rich history, including the influences of ancient civilizations. It is an ideal opportunity for the Pakistani business community, entrepreneurs and investors to increase their production in cross-border areas. This wonderful exhibition presented a clear picture of the enduring cultural heritage in Syria, despite the challenges
facing the country.

Although it is also great to know that the exhibition is not just about trade but also about celebrating Syrian heritage,resilience and global links. The upcoming exhibition looks to be a great platform for visitors to explore a variety of products and industries, including exquisite fabrics, traditional clothing, modern fashion trend,handicrafts, antiques and delicious Syrian cuisine. It is good to see that Pakistan and Syria are working together to promote more beneficial and mutually beneficial cooperation outcomes, and I wish them success in their efforts to deepen their economic cooperation and trade.

As we head to the historical monuments, do not forget the heart of Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia, Deir ez-Zor, Daraa, Tartous, Homs and other vibrant cities of Syria and the captivating places of their people because their smiles carry the weight of history with kindness and hospitality. An excellent opportunity for tourists to see and learn about historical sites in Syria, and it will enhance tourist attractions. Learn about health products, medicines and health services. Amazing cultural performances representing the rich Syrian culture, music, dance and theatrical performances. These prominent exhibitions will not only be an effective platform for business networking, but will also be a great opportunity for business professionals to network, collaborate and establish partnerships. The international exhibition is not limited to trade only. It is a celebration of Syria’s heritage, resilience and global ties. However, Syria and Pakistan have always been strategic partners.

They have steadily strengthened their sound bilateral relations and reaped fruitful results in their economic and trade cooperation in the past. Moreover, the Damascus International Fair will provide opportunities for Pakistan and Syria to further intensify their economic and trade interactions. This year also, Syria showed a great gesture of generosity and invited Pakistan to join in the Great Damascus Exhibition held on an annual basis, which will certainly be fruitful for both countries in terms of economic improvement. The Syrian Republic is looking forward with pleasure to the active participation of the Pakistani business community. Pakistan is invited as a guest to the country’s exhibition to showcase its large investment environment, competitive industries, culture, arts, and the results of its cooperation with Syria. We believe that Pakistan will attract renewed global interest with its unique appeal and will further expand its trade with Syria and the rest of the world.

The Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are interested in cooperating at higher levels and enhancing fruitful and mutually beneficial results of cooperation. Syria would like to work with Pakistan in the future to explore cooperation opportunities in key sectors including trade, investment, infrastructure, information and communications technology, digital economy, new energy and tourism, in an effort to support the realization of the vision. Openness nurtures new opportunities, promotes development and facilitates reforms. Exhibitions in Syria seek to achieve mutually beneficial results and provide opportunities for the world.

Pakistan is very welcome to benefit from the platform of the Damascus International Trade Fair to bring more high-quality Pakistani products and brands to Syria, further deepen its economic and trade cooperation with Syria, and invest in the opportunities provided by Syria’s high-level openness. To continuously enhance the economic development of Pakistan and Syria, and provide more benefits to both countries.

It is a great initiative that despite the ongoing challenges, the country is still able to host such events and showcase its industries, culture and heritage to the world. The Damascus International Fair has a rich history, and it is good to see that it continues to serve as a platform for economic and trade relations between different countries.

I also expressed my appreciation for the invitation extended to Pakistan to participate in the exhibition, which will certainly open new opportunities for cooperation and trade. I hope that this event will be successful and that it will contribute to the growth and development of relations between the Syrian Arab Republic and the friendly Islamic Republic of Pakistan.