The Story of the Miraculous Development of the Capital of Toys.

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The miraculous development of Chenghai, located in Guangdong Province, China, into
the “Capital of Toys” is a compelling story of transformation.

Spanning over 384 square kilometers with a population of just 800,000, Chenghai’s toy industry boasts anĀ annual production value exceeding 100 billion yuan. This district, part of Shantou city, has evolved over 40 years into the world’s leading toy manufacturing hub, exporting to over 150 countries. Remarkably, 70% of the world’s plastic toys are produced here.

The journey began in the 1960s and 1970s with small household workshops, shifting towards export-oriented production post-reform and opening-up policies.

Government support played a crucial role, introducing policies to promote high-quality industrial development, foreign trade stability, and technological innovation.

Today, Chenghai focuses on upgrading its industry with a “toys plus animation” and “toys plus IP” model, aiming to create high-value-added products and promote the “Made in China” brand on a global scale.
This success story underscores the importance of government support, a comprehensive industrial chain, skilled labor, and local enthusiasm in achieving industrial transformation and excellence.