Tourist Information Center (TIC) will be established at New Gwadar International Airport.

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Islamabad, In a surprised visit to the New Islamabad International Airport, Minister of State for Tourism, Wasi Shah, expressed strong displeasure with the current arrangements and took action to address the situation.

During his visit, Minister Wasi Shah noticed a malfunctioning screen at the Tourist Information Center (TIC) in Islamabad International Airport. He promptly issued orders to replace the screen within two days to ensure a seamless tourist information experience.

The Minister was also briefed on the performance and services provided by the TIC, emphasizing that the establishment of this center aims to provide tourists with comprehensive information. Furthermore, Minister Wasi Shah highlighted the growing significance of Gwadar as a tourist destination, attracting visitors from across Pakistan and around the world.

He stressed the vital role that modern and efficient tourist information centers play in promoting tourism globally, emphasizing the need for state-of-the-art facilities. Minister Wasi Shah made it clear that he will not tolerate any incompetence within his ministry, underscoring his commitment to improving the tourism experience for all.