44th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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Islamabad, In a Statement of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Islamabad on the 44th Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution.

February 11th is the dawn-day of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran reminiscent of the sacrifices and devotion of a great nation for self-determination. Today, the valiant nation of Iran is on the eve of celebrating the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. So far, myriads of vicissitudes and obstacles have been triumphantly conquered by the resistance and endurance of the Iranian people. The nation that resolutely rose to demarcate the self-determination of its own, the destiny of the succeeding generations and the sublimation of the causes and values, is now standing at the accolade of its glory and progress.
From the very beginning of the divine movement, the Iranian nation pursued numerous objectives in its uprising, which were translated into three significant demands of independence, freedom and Islamic government. The concepts were deep rooted in the basic principles of resistance and endurance.
In spite of the conspiracies, perfidy and the hostile attempts to set forth variant obstacles in front of the nation progress and to hold back Iran from achieving its ideals and goals, Iran emerged even stronger than before and built back itself even better than the past.
At the time being, 44 years after the reverberating triumph of the revolution, the Islamic Republic has proved its efficacy in various domains. This is despite of the fact that the 8-year imposed war, all-out economic sanctions, maximum pressure campaign, political pressure, the media rhetoric and propaganda, hybrid war and the recent insurgency were finances and supported to target the integrity and solidarity of the country.
Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian nation will continue their way aligned with the national interests of the country. Inspired by the Faith in God the Almighty, sagacious and perspicacious leadership, bearing in mind the experiences of the past, with reliance to the knowledge and competence of the youth, men and women, the Iranian nation is now striding strenuously forward for a better and prosperous future.
Iran and Pakistan are the two neighboring and brotherly countries with history-ling commonalities and links in different areas. These two nations have deep religious, cultural and historical ties and have been living together in peace and friendship for more than 7 decades. Now that the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran coincides with the 76th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two friendly, brotherly and neighboring countries, it extends congratulations on these auspicious occasions to all the admirers of the Islamic Revolution and the honorable people of the Islamic republic of Pakistan.