Imran Khan demanded that the national polls should be held immediately.

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LAHORE: Kicking off election campaign for polls in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan demanded that the national polls should be held immediately because it was the sole panacea to the prevailing uncertain political situation in the country.

Addressing the nation here on Saturday, PTI Chairman insisted that conducting elections could bring the much-needed political and economic stability in the country; however, he added that the cabal of thieves and their handlers were still looking for escape routes from the polls due to fear of humiliating drubbing as the PTI tested them recently.

Imran Khan said that he warned the establishment after toppling his government through conspiracy that the PDM would not be able to control the economy, which was evident from the reversing the PTI-hard economic gains by these thieves within eleven months.

Imran Khan said that elections were constitutionally supposed to be held within 90 days but the government was not providing the election date. He hailed the Supreme Court (SC) for resolving the crises which could have placed the country in a quagmire.

PTI Chairman instructed party workers to prepare for the election campaign, as he declared to hold his first public gathering on March 4 as part of his party’s election campaign. Imran Khan said that the PTI tickets would be allotted within two weeks and he would himself award tickets to deserving candidates. He said those who don’t receive tickets would be accommodated in Local Government elections in Punjab; however, he made it clear that no compromise would be made on the party discipline and anyone who contested elections as an independent candidate would be removed. He said that the party has changed now altogether and have learned to withstand hardship.

He said that the solution to the economic crisis was having a government brought by the public mandate, adding that the election would be held on April 30 in Punjab and KP, suggesting to holding national elections to bring political and economic stability. He said the first step is to hold elections, which brings a stable government for the next five years.

He went to say that this was first time people supported an ousted government, adding that rather than adhering to his demand, the government unleashed the worst atrocities and registered 74 cases to pressurize him.

Imran Khan reminded that journalists were attacked and political workers were arrested, tortured and their videos were leaked. “The nation will never forget what happened to Arshad Sharif,” he said, adding that party workers from Shahbaz Gill and Azam Swati were arrested and tortured.

PTI Chairman lauded his supporters for making the ‘Jail Bahro Tehreek’ a success by not succumbing to pressure. He said that political prisoners were treated worse than criminals, adding that the movement was a success and was growing even further and party leaders courted arrested.

Imran Khan said that an assassination attempt was made on them and the conspiracy was hatched by the interior minister. He stated that the imported government only wanted to safeguard their corruption and made amendments in NAB laws to protect them, which was evident from the fact by ending a whopping Rs. 1,100 billion corruption cases.

He stated that former army chief General (retd) Qamar Javed Bajwa had asked him to give NRO to Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leaders. “I could not give NRO to those who stole public money,” he added.

He went on to say that the PTI gathered even more respect and won majority of the by-elections, as the PTI candidate received more votes than others combined in the recent by-polls.

Imran Khan said that imported government brought the worst inflation in the country and prices broke all previous record, making life miserable for ordinary households. He said that the gravity of the situation could be judged from the fact that over 800,000 people left the country in despair.

He said that the price of oil would rise due to rupee depreciation and the dollar was expected to reach Rs300 soon, leading to new wave of inflation. He said that the government was only reliant on receiving loans to resolve the crisis.

Chairman PTI went on to say that the institutions should cooperate for the resolving the economic crisis, adding that they would have to make drastic decisions never seen in history and reduce the burden on the nation.

He said efforts are required for wealth generation and increasing exports, adding that foreign investors should be conducive an environment conducive for investment by ensuing rule of law and justice

Imran Khan stated that assassination attempt was made on him but he was ready to forgive the attackers, who orchestrated an assassination attempt against him, adding that political never stops from dialogue and he was willing to speak to everyone for the sake of the nation. “There was an attempt to assassinate me, and I know who attacked me but I am ready to forgive for the country’s sake,” he added.