Nawaz Sharif’s Vision: Driven by Desire for Prosperous Pakistan, Not Greed for Premiership.

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MURREE: PMLN Quaid and former Prime Minister, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, emphasized that his motivation stems from prayers and the genuine desire to transform Pakistan’s fate, rather than any personal greed for political positions or the premiership.

Addressing the media and the public after a meeting with the local organization of the Muslim League (N) in Murree on Thursday, Nawaz Sharif highlighted his longstanding relationship with the people of Murree, referring to it as his second home. During his tenure as the Chief Minister of Punjab, he proudly mentioned the construction of the beautiful and Pakistan’s first high-speed highway from Islamabad to Murree.

“The old charm of Murree needs to be revived, and developmental work should start again with vigor, purpose, and enthusiasm,” stated the former Prime Minister. He underlined PMLN’s past achievements, including the completion of mega-projects like power plants within a short period, adding 15,000 megawatts to the National Grid. “We completed the delayed Neelum Jhelum project and utilized coal mines in Sindh to generate electricity,” he added.

Nawaz Sharif stressed the importance of honesty in politics, stating, “Winning elections and coming into power should not be accomplished by lying to the people. If I were to misuse the people’s vote, deceive the nation, and ruin the economic and social state of the country, there would be no greater oppressor than I.”

Expressing his commitment to actions over words, Nawaz Sharif lamented the cultural decline of the country after his government. He proudly shared that, during PMLN’s era, Pakistan successfully bid farewell to the IMF and rejected offers of $5 billion from America, maintaining pride, dignity, and sovereignty by conducting nuclear tests.

“Our love for the country and the dream of progress are driving forces leading us forward,” asserted Nawaz Sharif. He highlighted his removal from office, emphasizing that he was ousted illegally for not taking a salary from his son, setting a historic example in Pakistan.

Addressing the media, he reminded everyone of the economic stability during PMLN’s era, where the dollar was at 104 rupees, and essentials like Roti were affordable. However, he acknowledged the post-PMLN difficulties faced by the people, making their survival extremely difficult.

Nawaz Sharif urged the nation to contemplate who brought about the country’s current state and caused atrocities against its hardworking people. He stated that, in the current situation, it was virtually impossible to run a single household, let alone the entire country.

Closing his address, he reaffirmed, “I am not tempted by any position. I have already become the Prime Minister three times. I have no personal gain. I only have one prayer to Allah to change the fate of this country.”

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, speaking on the occasion, expressed confidence in Nawaz Sharif’s ability to lead Pakistan to prosperity once again. She pledged that PMLN would strive to change Murree’s destiny, promising to focus on health facilities and other projects for the convenience of Murree’s people.