Establishment and Public

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Khawaja Hamza

Thus, since the establishment of Pakistan, due to the implementation of martial law, the distance between the establishment and the civil society had started to grow, but some events in the recent past widened this gulf further. Bhutto’s execution was an act due to which hatred against the establishment was born in the hearts of the whole country and especially in Sindh.

General Zia-ul-Haq initially patronized the MQM to get rid of the People’s Party and Jamaat-e-Islami and fueled the feeling of deprivation of the Muhajirs, but instead of helping the solution, the MQM was used only for political purposes and then, when Altaf Hussain went on the path of violence, military operations were conducted against him, due to which the Muhajir community also hated the establishment.

9/11 was the decisive stage in increasing the distance between the establishment and the people. PTI was nurtured by the establishment for 13 years but religious and jihadi organizations were patronized by the establishment for 30 years. These people were kept on the path of jihad for thirty years.

PTI people did not sacrifice their lives, but religious and jihadi organizations sacrificed thousands of lives.

Therefore, a part of the jihadi organizations took up arms against the establishment and others abandoned this path unwillingly for the sake of the state, but the religious group, which was considered as an ally of the establishment for decades, and especially the jihadi-minded people, distanced themselves from the establishment.

The Baloch were afraid of the establishment from the first day, but after the assassination of Akbar Bugti during the reign of General Pervez Musharraf, a new rebellious thought started to arise there, which has persisted till now. The Pakhtun nationalist parties were agitating against the Pakistani establishment because of the Afghan war, but the operations in the name of war on terror and especially the double game with regard to Afghanistan, the way their region was being made a battleground, often became a battlefield. Pakhtuns were afraid of the establishment.

The Pakhtuns living on the ground were understanding that the pieces of their bodies flying in the bomb blasts are the result of the establishment’s double game. The hearts of these Pakhtuns had gathered dust, which Manzoor Pashteen took a risk and spoke up.

If we talk about Punjab, establishment was largely considered to be representative of Punjab, but it was also alienated by trying to dispose of Punjab’s leader, Nawaz Sharif.

In fact, the main role in making people hate the establishment was played by political management before the 2018 elections and open rigging during the election.ANP and Baloch nationalists were supported by concessions, but the establishment sacrificed everything to bring Imran Khan to power through political management and rigging, along with Muslim League (N), People’s Party, ANP, MQM, BNP, JUI, Jamaat-e-Islami and even Pak Sarzameen Party and GDA were also sacrificed. Due to this, there is no genuine leadership in the country except the so-called leaders like Qasim Suri, Sheikh Rasheed and Shibli Faraz in favor of the establishment. Not only this, but to make Imran Khan the Prime Minister, the Judiciary, Media, Bureaucracy and Police jurisdictions were shamelessly interfered.

Some people in the establishment do not understand that due to the hybrid system of the last five years, all the above institutions were suffering the worst strangulation in history. On the other hand, the Muslim League in its own way, the People’s Party in its own way, the nationalist parties in their own way, while the PTM under the leadership of Manzoor Pashteen continued to incite against the establishment in their own way.

Perhaps realizing this, the establishment ended Imran Khan’s unconstitutional and legal support and perhaps thought that Imran Khan would not go against establishment due to past favors and some fools are thinking that even if Imran Khan is made the prime minister again, Then the same work will be started by the parties included in PDM more intensively because now Imran Khan has shown the way to everyone.Therefore, a lot has to be done about all nationalities and all institutions to end disaffection with the establishment. The scales must first be leveled.

Those who have been used and thrown away must be satisfied. Those nationalities who are suffering from feeling deprived, their feeling of deprivation must be ended and the work of the civil institution that is being interfered, should be abolished and the civil institutions should be empowered.