Govt to digitalize registration system of pesticides: Rana Tanveer

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ISLAMABAD: DG Plant Protection Dr. Tariq Khan briefed the Federal Minister for National Food Security Rana Tanveer Hussain on the department’s functions, performance, and the challenges it faces.

Addressing the meeting, Federal Minister for National Food Security Rana Tanveer Hussain said Plant Protection Department plays a significant role in the agriculture sector. He said efforts will be made to develop a comprehensive strategy to further improve the performance of the department and it will be brought up to high standards, ensuring its operations meet top quality benchmarks.

“We have a strong commitment to promote merit and transparency within the department. Corruption and inefficiency will not be tolerated in any form within the department,” Federal Minister Rana Tanveer said, adding that the system will be digitalized to ensure transparency in operations.

The minister said that DPP will be developed on modern lines to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness and all resources will be utilized to address staff shortages within the department.

The minister said a comprehensive strategy will be formulated to improve the fumigation system and the number of fumigation companies will be further expanded. He said the registration system of pesticides will also be digitalized to streamline the processes.

Federal Minister Rana Tanveer said an effective system for the inspection of rice and mango plants must be established and inspections will be conducted in a timely manner to ensure quality.

Rana Tanveer said exporters will be provided with all possible facilities within law to boost exports but compromise on quality and standards will not be acceptable. He said the government has a strong commitment to increasing exports.