Pakistan -Afghanistan hold high-level meeting to strengthen bilateral trade ties

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ISLAMABAD: Syed Naveed Qamar, Federal Minister for Commerce, along with his Afghan counterpart, Haji Nooruddin Azizi, co-chaired a high-level formal meeting on bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The meeting, held on Saturday, saw the participation of senior officials from the Ministries of Commerce, Customs, Transport, and finance from both sides.

Detailed discussions were conducted on various important aspects, including customs cooperation, border management, bilateral trade, reduction of tariffs and issues related to pharmaceutical and meat industry.

Both sides expressed their commitment to strengthening trade ties and addressing the challenges faced in the trade relationship between the two countries.

The ministers emphasized the significance of smooth customs processes and efficient border management to facilitate trade and enhance economic cooperation.

They also stressed the need to streamline and simplify trade procedures, aiming to reduce bottlenecks and ensure a conducive environment for bilateral trade.

The participants exchanged views on enhancing trade volumes and expanding the range of traded goods between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The ministers acknowledged the importance of diversifying trade beyond traditional items and exploring new avenues of economic cooperation.

Furthermore, discussions were held on improving infrastructure and connectivity to facilitate trade flows.

The officials highlighted the potential benefits of investing in transportation and logistics infrastructure, which would contribute to increased trade activity and economic growth.

Both sides expressed their commitment to addressing any challenges that hinder bilateral trade and pledged to work together to create a more favorable trade environment.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with the participants expressing their determination to strengthen trade ties and foster closer economic cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan.