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Islamabad, Pakistan Navy Ships comprising PNS NASR and PNS SHAMSHEER Port-called Yokosuka, Japan and participated in International Fleet Review (IFR) organized to commemorate 70th anniversary of founding of Japan Maritime Self Defence Forces (JMSDF). The IFR formation comprised of 38 units including 18 ships and submarines from different navies. The visit of PN Ships to Japan and participation in IFR is aimed at strengthening bilateral ties, enhancing interoperability between navies and to explore new vistas of defence cooperation.

Concurrent to visit of PN Ships; Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi is also on official visit to Japan. Admiral attended the 18th Western Pacific Naval Symposium (WPNS) organized with aim to strengthen mutual naval cooperation and discuss global & regional maritime issues among navies of the world.

PN Ships participated in IFR with other naval ships at Sagami Bay. Chief of the Naval Staff witnessed IFR from Japanese Ship IZUMO along-with Japanese Prime Minister and Naval Heads of various navies. On the sidelines of IFR and Symposium activities, Naval Chief had meetings with Chief of JMSDF, Chief of Japan Air Self Defence and Naval Chiefs of Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore and Royal Navy of UK. During the meetings matters of mutual interest, emerging shared security challenges in maritime domain and bilateral naval collaboration were discussed.

Earlier, during port call at Yokosuka, the Mission Commander of PN Flotilla along with Commanding Officers of PN ships called on Senior Naval leadership of Japan.