Swedish Envoy Praises Flourishing Business Environment for Swedish Companies in Pakistan.

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Islamabad, In a significant diplomatic meeting held in Islamabad, the Swedish Ambassador to Pakistan, Henrik Parson, commended the robust cooperation and support extended to Swedish companies operating in Pakistan.

During his call on Federal Minister for Commerce, Jam Kamal Khan, Ambassador Parson highlighted the positive experiences of Swedish businesses in the country, noting their impressive growth and profitability.

“I have personally met with all Swedish companies currently active in Pakistan to gather their insights,” Ambassador Parson stated. “Remarkably, none of them had anything negative to say. On the contrary, they all reported significant growth and profitability. This is a testament to the conducive business environment in Pakistan.”

Ambassador Parson emphasized the enormous potential within Pakistan, particularly in the fields of Information Technology (IT), engineering, and education. He underscored the opportunities for enhancing bilateral trade between Sweden and Pakistan. “Pakistan has the capacity to become a hub of international trade for the entire world,” he remarked. “The country offers a fertile ground for expanding trade, especially in high-potential sectors like IT and engineering.”

The ambassador also highlighted the strong relationships Swedish companies have built with their Pakistani counterparts and the government. “These relationships are not just strong; they are solid and enduring, which is crucial for sustained economic partnership,” he said.

Moreover, Ambassador Parson touched upon the Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+) status, which allows preferential trade terms between Pakistan and the European Union, and its importance for facilitating trade.

Federal Minister Jam Kamal Khan expressed the Pakistani government’s commitment to fostering economic relations globally. “The priority of our Prime Minister is to enhance economic relations not only bilaterally but also through trilateral frameworks,” he noted, citing the example of the economic cooperation among Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and China.

Minister Khan lauded the achievements of Pakistani youth in the IT sector, sharing his recent experience at NUTECH University. “Our youth are excelling, as evidenced by the innovative projects showcased during my visit to NUTECH. This highlights our potential to become a leader in IT.”

He reiterated the government’s dedication to facilitating the business community. “The Pakistan government is very committed to supporting both national and international business communities. We aim to create an environment where businesses can thrive and contribute to our economic development.”

The meeting between Ambassador Parson and Minister Khan marks a pivotal moment in the economic relationship between Sweden and Pakistan, paving the way for further cooperation and mutual growth. The positive feedback from Swedish companies and the strong governmental support underscore the bright future for bilateral trade and investment.