An Intelligence Based Operation was carried out in Chaman.

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Rawalpindi: On 15 Mar 23, an Intelligence Based Operation was carried out in general area Boghra road, Chaman to search a suspected hideout of Terrorists, linked with recent firing incidents on law enforcement agencies and civilians in Chaman area besides planting of improvised explosive devices in surrounding areas.

As a result of continuous technical Surveillance and Reconnaissance of the area, a location of the Terrorists was identified and Security Forces along with CTD were inducted.

Resultantly, while terrorists had already escaped, a huge cache of arms and ammunition including rockets, Improvised Explosive Devices and other accessories has been recovered. The recovery has helped avert an obvious terrorist activity at some urban areas like Quetta.

Pakistan Army in step with Nation, remains determined to thwart attempts at sabotaging peace, stability and progress of Balochistan.