Masood Khan urges Pak diaspora to invest in Pakistan, Highlights huge investment opportunities in IT, Tech, Health sector.

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Dallas, “Pak diaspora in Texas should take full advantage of the available business opportunities in Pakistan especially in IT, health tech, agri and other sectors and also encourage US counterparts to explore and broaden their commercial activities to Pakistan. ” said Pak Ambassador to the United States.

“By extending your successes back to Pakistan, you would be significantly contributing towards socio-economic development of the motherland and further cementing Pak-US ties,” he continued.
Ambassador Masood Khan made these remarks while interacting with Pakistani community in Dallas, Texas.

Expressing satisfaction over the achievements of Pak-origin professionals, IT experts, medical practitioners, entrepreneurs and others in multiple disciplines, Masood Khan said that those accomplishments made the entire nation proud.

Highlighting active participation and increasing visibility of Pakistani Americans in politics, with representation in 10 state assemblies, Masood Khan observed that it was a sign of their successful integration into US society. He also attributed this success to work ethics, commitment and most importantly the service to community which was securing them prominence in the society.
The Ambassador also thanked US government, the people and the system that was providing an enabling environment to Pak diaspora to grow and contribute towards the successes of the United States.

Talking about challenges faced by Pakistan, Masood Khan termed economic stability as the greatest challenge being faced by the nation. He observed that pandemic and the devastating floods last year had a great toll on economy and hampered efforts to stabilize the economy. Acknowledging the support of diaspora at all difficult times, Masood Khan expressed the hope that the continued support of diaspora would help putting calamity stricken economy back on solid footings.

“We are a resilient nation. We have withstood test of times during war and peace. We surmounted the challenges of pandemic followed by floods of biblical proportions. This undoubtedly is a difficult time but we have enterprising youth and a thriving diaspora with whom we have great expectations. We will overcome the current challenges as well,” observed.

The Ambassador called upon the community members to explore business opportunities and help their compatriots as well US investors take advantage of the existing business opportunities through better networking and understanding.

He assured the community that the Embassy of Pakistan and its Consulates would continue providing every possible facilitation to the efforts aimed at enhancing business linkages and promoting people-to-people exchanges.
The Ambassador thanked Mr. Salman Tabani, President of the Pakistan Society of North Texas (PSNT), for organizing the meeting and providing him with an opportunity to interact with the community.

Salman Tabani, speaking on the occasion, said that Pakistan Society of North Texas was the oldest registered organization and was serving North Texas’s Pakistani American community since 1984. The organization is a non-political and non-profit social organization established to sponsor social, civic, educational, literary, scientific, charitable and religious activities for the benefit of the Pakistani-American community in Texas. Mr. Tabani also shared vision of its new, dynamic leadership which is comprised of professionals from all walks of life. “We are working hard to revamp this organization and to introduce much-needed services, especially for the needy and the underprivileged,” Mr. Tabani said.