Press conference of DG ISPR Major General Ahmad Sharif Chaudhry on 25 April 2023.

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Khawaja Hamza

Rawalpindi, Today’s press conference covered the security situation, counter-terrorism operations, including intelligence-based operations.

The situation is relatively peaceful after the agreement between Pakistan and India DGMOs regarding ceasefire in 2021, DG ISPR said

India’s negative propaganda reflects its internal political situation, UN military observers and media were also given access to LoC by Pakistan, No one is allowed access to the LoC by India,In the recent period, 56 different violations were reported on the LoC, Pakistan Army also shot down 6 spy quadcopters of India.

Pakistan Army is ready to face any kind of aggression, Security forces and law enforcement agencies are busy on the western borders. Contacts of banned TTP and banned Baloch organizations are not hidden now,
So far this year, 8296 actions have been taken against terrorists, On an average, 70 intelligence-based operations are conducted every day, Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry said there is no no-go area in Pakistan today.

The suicide attack on Peshawar Police Lines Mosque was carried out by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar on the orders of the outlawed TTP. The person who attacked the Peshawar mosque belonged to Kunduz, Afghanistan.Terrorist Abdul Basir trained the attacker in Afghanistan for the Peshawar attack. The Peshawar attack was postponed twice due to the decrease in the number of worshippers. The arrest of banned BNA leader Gulzar Imam alias Shambe from Balochistan is also a major intelligence achievement. DG ISPR said.

98% of the fence installation work on the 2611 km international border with Afghanistan has been completed.

On February 23, the three masterminds of the police lines attack in Karachi were also arrested. Banned TTP spent 75 lakh rupees for Peshawar attack and 30 lakh rupees for Karachi attack.

65% de-mining has been done in former FATA, No individual or group will be allowed to carry weapons. 3654 social and economic welfare projects are ongoing in former FATA. DG ISPR said. Pakistani forces are following the policy of austerity in view of the economic situation.

DG ISPR said, Occupied Kashmir never will be integral part of India, India cannot change the history and status of Occupied Kashmir. The Army Chief first visited the LoC after assuming office. If necessary, the war can be taken to the enemy’s territory. If anyone has doubts about the operational preparations, February 2019 should be remembered.

The Army Chief has made it clear that the people of Pakistan are the real power, Pakistan Army is a national army, all political figures and political parties are respected for Pakistan Army, All religions, creeds, regions and races are represented in Pakistan Army.

Question to DG ISPR on campaign against armed forces on social media,

Some campaigners are political and some have agendas with hostile agencies, DG ISPR said,

The ongoing campaign on social media is a futile debate, here is precedent for action under the law against certain individuals.

It was the decision of the government of Pakistan to negotiate with the outlawed TTP, Armed forces are limited to kinetic operations and intelligence-based operations DG ISPR said.

Any action taken by the army against any political or religious group in any country results in chaos DG ISPR said.

In a question related to election case in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Supreme Court DG ISPR said,

Under Article 245 of the Constitution, the federal government deploys the army. The Ministry of Defense has responded to the Supreme Court and the Election Commission regarding the availability of forces, Defense Ministry’s response is based on dynamic ground realities.

DG ISPR also said, providing security to Chinese nationals related to CPEC is top priority, China is fully satisfied about CPEC security. The Prime Minister constituted the apex committee on security on projects other than CPEC, Security audit conducted on non-CPEC projects. The agency is now reviewing the points raised in the security audit conducted, DG ISPR said.