Terror Attacks Slightly Decline in Pakistan in October.

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Islamabad, A slight decline in terror attacks was observed during last month in Pakistan as October witnessed 7% decrease compared to September 2022. While terror incidents have declined in the mainland Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its tribal districts (erstwhile FATA), the number of attacks in Balochistan doubled during the month. A 66% increase in the security forces actions was also witnessed in which 38 suspected militants were killed and 16 others were apprehended across the country.

According to the statistics released by an Islamabad-based independent think tank *Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies* (PICSS) the number of militant attacks decreases by 7% percent in October compared to September 2022. In October, the militants carried out 39 attacks in which 33 people were killed including 12 security forces personnel and 16 civilians. In these attacks, 41 people also got injured including 20 security forces personnel and 21 civilians.

During first 10 months of the year 2022 Pakistan witnessed 297 militant attacks in which 437 people were killed including 194 security forces personnel and 191 civilians. In these 297 attacks, 706 people got injured including 210 security forces personnel and 493 civilians.

In Balochistan, a 100% increase in militant attacks was reported as compared to September 2022. In October, 14 militant attacks were reported in which 13 people were killed while 21 others sustained injuries in the province. In the Security Forces operations, 17 alleged militants belonging to different militant organizations were killed.

In KPK, PICSS has recorded a 31% decrease in militant attacks as compared to September 2022. In October, 13 militant attacks were reported in which 10 people were killed including five security forces personnel, while 11 other people sustained injuries. In response to an increase in terror attacks in previous months, security is beefed up in the province. In the security forces actions, reported from KPK, 12 alleged militants were killed and four others were apprehended.

In Erstwhile FATA, PICSS has recorded a 42% decrease in militant attacks compared to September 2022. In October, eight militant attacks were reported in which seven people were killed including two security forces personnel, while six other people sustained injuries. Two security forces actions were reported from erstwhile FATA in which five militants were killed.

In Sindh, three terror attacks were reported in which three people were killed and three others sustained injuries. Six security forces’ actions were also reported in which four alleged militants were killed and eight others were apprehended.

In Gilgit-Baltistan, one militant attack was also reported from Diamer in which no human loss was reported. In the Islamabad capital territory, one security forces action was conducted in which two alleged militants were apprehended.

No incident related to terrorism was reported from Punjab, Azad Kashmir.#####