Zardari has paid corruption-money to terrorists to kill me: Khan

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LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan fired a salvo at the imported government for descending the country into quagmire and rising fascist tendencies, revealing that Asif Ali Zardari was among four people who orchestrated a plan “behind closed doors” to assassinate him.

PTI Chairman said that Zardari paid money, amassed through massive corruption in Sindh, to a terrorist organisation to kill him.

Addressing the nation through the video link from his Zaman Park’s residence here on Friday, he stated that after the failure of the plan-A and plan-B, now, there was a Plan-C and Zardari was behind this plan.

Therefore, PTI Chairman said, if anything happened to him, the four including Zardari would be responsible for it, adding that he said that he had already informed the conspiracy, which was made by the four, to assassinate him.

Imran Khan stated that he had recorded his video statement in which he revealed their names, who ran the entire campaign against him. “They almost succeeded, but Allah saved me,” he added. The PTI chairman went on to say that irrespective of whatever was planned, he would be back in the streets as soon as he recovered from the injuries.

“I am revealing these names as my nation should know who were behind these attacks so they cannot enjoy their lives after they have done this and so that the nation never forgives them,” he maintained.

PTI Chairman stated that the country was a crossroad and the nation was looking towards the judiciary.

Speaking of the Wazirabad attack, Khan stated that he already knew about the bid to assassinate him and he divulged names of all those who conspired against him.

“They backtracked from their attempt and went for a Plan B – in which they tried to kill me in the name of religious extremism,” he said, adding that that plan also failed.

He further said: “They think that the only way to get me out of the way is actually to eliminate,” believing that efforts were underway to save those ‘four people’, which was evident from the reformation of the JIT to probe attack on his life and all records were sealed.

Coming down hard on imported government for treating his party leaders as traitors, Imran Khan said that the ‘fascist governments’ comprised their worst enemies were treating them as traitors rather than political opponents.

He regretted that PTI leaders Fawad Chaudhary and Azam Swati had been subjected to treatment which was usually reserved for hardened criminals and traitors.

“Such a treatment was being meted out to those who are raising their voice against the cabal of crooks imposed on the country through conspiracy,” he said. He revealed that almost 70 FIRs have been lodged against him as if he was some traitor. “I never thought that these kinds of strategies and tactics will be made against us, as we are being treated like a terrorist,” added.

Lashing out the imported government for putting the country into the worst economic crisis, he predicted hyperinflation and insurmountable economic challenges in days to come.

“During the past three days, the local unit plummeted by Rs33 against the US dollar,” he said. “The rupee fell by Rs84 during the last nine months,” he added. “The salaried class will be the most affected by this depreciation. Inflation will reach 40%”

Imran went on to say that the country’s foreign currency reserves have reached a record low. “Foreign currency reserves sink to $3.6 billion, which was $16.4 billion when no confidence motion was tabled against PTI government.

Khan said that he has now become aware of what sort of a genius Shehbaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar is. He noted that Pakistan’s national security too could be compromised as the country’s economy falters while raising taxes to astronomical levels in a bid to stabilize the economy.

“Those who will bailout Pakistan out of this condition, remember that they will ask for a price. IMF has asked Egypt and Sri Lanka to cut their armies by half and it can ask us to do the same,” he stated.

Imran Khan further claimed that the Consumer Price Index was 12% when he left and could rise to an unprecedented 35%. The Sensitive Price Index was 16%, but now it would reach to up to 50%.

He said services industry performed well after 17 years under the PTI regime and that they managed to create 5 million jobs, but every single industry was being hit hard today due to the misaligned policies of these thieves who seized the power just to quash their corruption cases.

He said that Pakistan was growing at about 6 per cent during PTI’s fourth year in power despite the coronavirus pandemic which was proven in the next economic survey of Pakistan. He predicted that Pakistan’s growth would be in the negative this year.

Imran Khan said that he was cognizant of the situation that was the reason he had sent Shaukat Tarin to try to convince the establishment to play their role to foil the conspiracy but not succeeded.

He state that these thieves were brought in to power who ruined the well-performing economy. Imran Khan said that Zardari and Sharif families had nothing to do with the country’s interests, as they stashed their looted wealth abroad and had no stake in the country.

That was the reason, he said that these crooks would make a policy just to secure their own interest rather to ease the woes the public. PTI Chairman urged the nation to break the fear of idols to make Pakistan independent state in true sense.

Imran Khan reiterated that he would fight this system till last his breath and last ball.

“Pakistan’s institutions are heading towards a complete disaster. Look at NAB, Parliament and FIA,” he added.

“On one hand inflation is on the rise, and on the other people are getting unemployed. Instead of tackling the situation democratically, they’re creating fear. When Raja Riaz is the opposition leader, what remains the importance of parliament?” he remarked.

Imran Khan said that the imported government was trying its best not to hold elections. However, he added that if they did not hold elections, Article 6 would be applied to those who did not hold elections within 90 days. “These cable of thieves do not care about democracy and constitution,” he added.

Lashing out at the caretaker setup in Punjab, he said that PTI’s worst opponents have been appointed at important positions.

“The entire nation is looking towards the judiciary today. The caretaker government is disrespecting democracy. I ask the judiciary to protect protect our fundamental rights,” he added.