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Khawaja Hamza

Army chief Syed Asim Munir met with 10 businessmen in Rawalpindi at Army house. 5 businessmen belong from Karachi and 5 from Lahore. Meeting continue for 3 hours, finance minister was also present in this significant meeting.The Chief of Army Staff restored the confidence of Pakistani businessmen during the meeting as they were in fear and dread due to the country’s political and economic situation. There will be three big investments in Pakistan,Mining, Agriculture and in Information Technology sector. Arab countries wanted to invest in agriculture sector, secondly in Balochistan and KPK international companies wanted to invest in mining sector, and Thirdly it is said Chinese company is ready to invest in IT sector.

In a meeting COAS Syed Asim Munir briefed Businessmen very well and business community felt very relaxed and comfortable, they are also ready to invest in the country, due to instability in country they were in fear now it seems they are comfortable after the meeting with coas.

In meeting there was a question regarding country’s political situation, Army chief replied, we are totally apolitical now and we don’t want to get involved ourselves in politics now, political parties should handle there issues themselves and make them resolve. He said it was a bad experience of involvement in politics, we will not do this mistake again, coas also said Imran Khan and Government should solve there issues on the table. In my opinion if Khan want elections he should sit with government. If he will not sit then it is expected Khan will be arrested or disqualified and after this government will go into the elections in Punjab and KPK and in this election PTI will lose.