Dollar Hike and Pakistan politics

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Khawaja Hamzaa

It is said that there is some gain and some loss from increasing the rate of dollar. If we talk about the gain, when the difference of more than a thousand points was made in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, it is felt that now there will be stability in Pakistan and another thing, there was demand from the IMF unless you make the dollar equal to the market rate, before that, negotiations with you cannot be done, then there was twenty-five rupees increased in the dollar. Along with this, the IMF delegation announced to come to Pakistan. This delegation will stay in Pakistan for a week and will monitor the economy and then release Pakistan’s installment and then maybe a new agreement will be made. The government’s view is that once the agreement is done our donor countries will start supporting Pakistan. Dollars will come from Saudi Arabia, UAE and China, and besides this, Pakistan will start receiving dollars from different countries of the world and the reserves of Pakistan will go above ten billion dollars then we will get out of the risk of default and another advantage is that IMF will trust Pakistan and the third advantage is that Pakistan’s market will be stabilized, Pakistan’s exports will increase, Pakistan’s LCs will open, the 8,000 containers lying at Karachi port will also start to be released. Economic stability will be seen in the country.

Now, if we go to the negative aspects, the first thing is that the dollar is still short in Pakistan. It is a misconception that If the dollar rate increases, the dollar will become available, To make it available, the dollar will have to be brought into market and the government has not yet taken any steps to bring dollars into the market. The second thing is that when you accept the conditions of the IMF, a new storm of inflation will come, which will make it more difficult for the common man. The prices will increase, even today people find it difficult to pay the electricity, gas bills, the price of petrol will also increase, the value of the rupee will decrease and along with this, there will be also fear in the market.

Now the question is whether a political government will be able to survive despite the fear and pressure of the people, so this is an important question. If all these parties will have to bear all this pressure, Now if we assume that if these parties go into the elections in these circumstances, will the people vote for them? People will treat them unimaginably. So the question now is whether there will be elections? I don’t think there will be elections.

When your parties will not be able to bear the pressure of the people, I don’t think they will think about elections. Now the government has started taking big decisions, I think that they have got some kind of assurances from somewhere that you should take big decisions, save Pakistan, control the economic situation of the country we will delay the elections. If government wanted to go into the election, they wouldn’t be taking such steps and ruin there politics. And maybe the government got another guarantee that Imran Khan will not bother you and for that, President Arif Alvi may have been used and a message conveyed to Imran Khan. If you want to do politics in Pakistan, then sit peacefully, when the elections will come, do your elections campaigns, Untill Pakistan gets out of trouble you should shut your mouth. If this message has been given to Imran Khan, then you will see a change in the tune of Imran Khan and if there is no change in the tune, I think then Khan Sahib will be speechless. will be arrested or banned because there is a situation like emergency in Pakistan then every element which is creating problems in country should be banned.

So in the coming days either Imran Khan will be completely silenced or he will be arrested. And many PTI leaders will be arrested and at the same time it will be announced that the election is not on time. However, I think that the government has decided not to hold elections, because if there are elections, then it is difficult for the government to make such big decisions, so I think the demands of the government have been accepted.